Editions Errant Bodies — coll. Audio Issues

Series dedicated to critical essays, meditations, conversations and performance-texts on sound, auditory culture, and questions of auditory understanding. The series aims to provide a context for addressing contemporary viewpoints on "sound studies" by probing, defining, and listening in to the acoustical paradigm. With the advent of digital culture, network society, and mobile communications, the emergence of an auditory culture is increasingly prevalent as witnessed in the aesthetics of sound art and electronic music, web-radio and live audio streaming, as well as interactive and responsive systems. The prominence of such aesthetical shifts parallels an epistemological transformation from “seeing is believing” to a globe of voices: the digital age is marked by a re-emergence of oral culture from print culture; a displacement of fixed boundaries as witnessed in “liquid” architectures; and a radiophonic disruption of forms of representation, turning static graphics upon the page into animated expressions. Audio Issues functions to engage such transformations by fostering new modes of thinking, writing, and performing the auditory.

Liste des ouvrages de la collection Audio Issues :
Christof Migone, Sonic Somatic : Performances of the Unsound Body, 2012
Brandon LaBelle, Radio Memory, 2008
Allen S. Weiss, Varieties of Audio Mimesis, 2008

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Ouvrages détaillés :

Sonic Somatic : Performances of the Unsound Body
Audio Issues, 2012

Christof Migone
(Audio Issues | édition anglaise)

This book delineates a territory of investigation for sound art and its various manifestations through historical, theoretical, polemical and critical analyses of artistic, musical and literary works. In doing so, Migone gives radical definition to an auditory study that includes the complexity of silence and mutism, identity and abjecthood, and language and its stutterances. The recurring site of these stagings is the somatic under all its forms: embodied and disembodied, fragmented and amplified, vocal and mute.

Concrete sites that are investigated include: Antonin Artaud’s writings, Alvin Lucier’s recording I am sitting in a room, Erik Satie’s composition Vexations, Marina Abramovic’s performance Rhythm 0, Adrian Piper’s Untitled Performance for Max’s Kansas City, Melville’s short story Bartleby, the Scrivener, Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson’s documentary film First Contact, and John Cage’s composition 4’33”.

Christof Migone is an artist, curator and writer. He obtained an MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 1996 and a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University in 2007. He currently is a Lecturer at the Department of Visual Studies and the Director/Curator of the Blackwood Gallery (University of Toronto).

Christof Migone, Sonic Somatic : Performances of the Unsound Body
(Audio Issues, 2012)

(textes en anglais)
16,5 x 22 cm / 296 pages, 52 ill. n&b (broché)
ISBN : 978-0-9827439-4-2
CHF 27,5 / EUR 21
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Radio Memory
Audio Issues Vol. 4 + CD, 2008

Brandon LaBelle
(Audio Issues | édition anglaise)

Radio makes an impression, casting songs far and wide to end up on innumerable receivers, within countless ears. This instant of reception inserts a soundtrack to physical location and the encounters happening, intensifying music’s ability to give emotional charge: a sound in the distance, playing on a stranger’s ghetto blaster, or traveling from an open window, across a city street, to arrive at the moment to become forever associated with a certain happening, where song and event are fused, inseparable.

Inviting people from around the world to send in their radio memories — of songs overheard at special moments in their lives — Radio Memory is a collection of stories revealing highly personal experiences that in turn speak toward a larger cultural picture. Are such memories partially created by the songs themselves, rather than being strictly supplements to them? In what way does radio play a part in leaving marks on the psyche? And what may a catalogue of radio memories reveal about the musical landscape ?

Cataloguing the memories, Radio Memory is an artist project by Brandon LaBelle. Initiated in 2005 and continuing today, the book documents the artist’s related installations, along with a CD of new work, making a small testament to the power of transmission. Including additional contributions by curator and theorist Bastien Gallet and Carmen Cebreros Urzaiz.

Brandon LaBelle, Sonic Somatic : Performances of the Unsound Body
(Audio Issues Vol. 4, 2008)

(textes en anglais)
16 x 21 cm / 128 pages, 25 ill. coul. (broché, couv. en affiche pliée) + CD
ISBN : 978-0-9772594-6-5
CHF 23 / EUR 17
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Varieties of Audio Mimesis : Musical Evocations of Landscape
Audio Issues, 2008

Allen S. Weiss
(Audio Issues | édition anglaise)

The history of European musicology is perennially revised around the central ontological debate about whether music is a representational or an abstract art. This discussion may be extended to all of the sound arts. Thus the minor poetic phenomenon of onomatopoeia is emblematic of what might be seen as the ontological aporia of sound art (and by extension of all representation): mimesis is simultaneously a loss and a gain, placing representation on uneven ground where the signified loses structural integrity and existential verifiability, while the signifier gains in complexity and ambiguity. Through literary, performative, and sonic analysis, this book simultaneously serves as a tool for investigating the micro-structures of audiophonic representation; proposes a unified, though open-ended, field theory of the sound arts; offers expanded descriptive possibilities for audio productions; and revises the study of audio mimesis in relation to gardens and landscape.

Allen S. Weiss is a theorist, editor, translator, curator, playwright who has authored and edited over 35 books in the fields of performance theory, landscape architecture, gastronomy, and literary studies, including Phantasmic Radio (1995) and Breathless: Sound Recording, Disembodiment, and the Transformation of Lyrical Nostalgia (2002). He directed Theater of the Ears (a play for electronic marionette and taped voice based on the writings of Valère Novarina), and Danse Macabre (a marionette theatre with the dolls of Michel Nedjar). He teaches in the Departments of Performance Studies and Cinema Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University.

Allen S. Weiss, Varieties of Audio Mimesis : Musical Evocations of Landscape
(Audio Issues, 2008)

(textes en anglais)
14,2 x 19,5 cm / 112 pages, 2 ill. coul. sur feuilles insérées (broché sous jaquette)
ISBN : 978-0-9772594-4-1
CHF 23,5 / EUR 18
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